Kishco is a 4 generation old business house which is very well valued and recognized in the Indian industry since nearly 80 years.

Kishco is committed to providing all kinds of services in the field of textiles starting from procurement of raw materials right up to handling of wastes for the recycling industry. Kishco specializes in the business of raw materials, yarns, fabrics, new garments, used clothing, recycling and other associated products such as blankets, carpets, towels, bed sheets, shoes, wiping (cleaning) materials etc.

Kishco is actively working with approximately 40 countries worldwide in 5 continents. It is equipped with a very good and broad spectrum of suppliers/buyers from all over the world for selling/buying all types of textile products.

Kishco is also a buying/selling agent/marketing representative/indentor for various international companies who do business with India.

Considered as a one stop house for all textile business, Kishco has its head office in Mumbai, India with associate offices in UAE, China and Bangladesh and its group turnover is more than USD 25 million per annum.

Keeping in mind the shift in business styles in recent years, Kishco has also recently set up an online marketplace for the purchase and sale of branded pre-owned clothing under the name of