Textile Recycling

This is a key area for Kishco and was identified by the management nearly 20 years ago as a niche business. Items in this category are both imported into India and exported out of India to serve various industries. These materials constitute residues of all types (cotton, acrylic, wool, polyester, nylon etc.,) from different forms of productions (Producer waste) being fibre manufacture, yarns spinning, fabric weaving/knitting, new garment manufacture etc.

This material could also be in the form of used clothing waste (Consumer Waste) which is popularly know as rags. This comprises normally wool, acrylic and cotton sweaters as also other woolen materials (wool bodies) such as overcoats, jackets, skirts, pants etc., which are converted into re-generated fibre/rags for the manufacture of charity blankets. These items can be brought into India in mutilated condition only. If it is in un-mutilated condition then it can only be brought in by licensed companies in the Free Trade Zone or by 100% export oriented units. Some of the cotton used clothing waste imported into India is also used within the cleaning industry as a wiping material. Supplies mainly come in from U.S.A. and Europe.

On the export side Kishco is shipping all types of knitted hosiery clips and pulled fibre (from new fabric cutting wastes) in 100% cotton, poly cotton/poly lycra etc., and the same are used in other countries for manufacture of open end yarn and shoddy. Kishco is shipping large quantities of polyester re-generated fibre such as poly sliver, poly yarn etc., in bright/semi-dull etc., Also nylon is being exported to Europe for the manufacture of non-woven fabrics.

Lastly there is a dynamic business for different types of Cotton Wastes also. As this is a price sensitive item there are times when it is exported out of India whereas at other times it can be imported into India – this could be in the form of fibre waste, yarn waste, sliver waste, noil waste etc.,

In short Kishco has a market within/outside India for all kinds of textile wastes at a relevant price level.