Used Clothing

This product signifies Kishco’s international stature as most of its business in this product line does not involve India. This product is generated worldwide in economically developed countries but has been low key internationally for years. Materials are collected mostly from charities and then either shipped on a as is basis as raw materials (mix rags) or graded into various product categories (more than 100 in no.) and sold product wise to various international markets.

India buys materials only in the form of mix rags (not graded product wise) and the same is sorted/re-graded in the Kandla Free Trade Zone within Gujarat, India for re-export. This business is completely done on a kilo basis and all packing is done in bales/cap sacks.

In addition to the Free Trade Zones within India, Kishco also arranges supply of this material from its sources to other international countries for grading/sorting at their end. Kishco is dealing in both institutional (semi graded raw material) as well as credential (untouched raw material in original plastic bags).

Kishco has regular buyers for these products in various Asian/African markets and is very actively involved in trading of the same.

Kishco deals in various product categories of used clothing being Brand mix, Vintage, Cream, No. 1, No. 2 etc.