Wipers for Cleaning

Kishco exports 2 types of wipers being from New materials and Regenerated materials.

New Wipers

New materials – In this category there is a regular supply of white 100% cotton knitted materials in both smooth category (single rib, single jersey, interlock etc) and novelty category (jacquard fabrics). These materials are supplied in a size range as required by the buyer or the same can be cut into an exact size also if required. These materials are collected as surplus from fabric knitting factories and garment manufacturing units so the materials may vary in shade, weight, texture etc.,
If the buyer so desires this material can also be made with the exact weight/whiteness/texture etc., at higher prices. Packing is normally in bales but here again it can be packed in boxes on a piece basis or on a weight basis as per the buyers requirements.
There are other types of new materials which can be converted into wipers like non-wovens, towels, cheese cloth, yellow flannel etc., Also in some cases small pieces of wipers are stitched together to make large pieces as per the buyers requirement and this is normally cheaper in price.

Regenerated Wippers

Regenerated materials – This is the wiper business where Kishco has made great strides in recent years. These wipers are generated from used clothing waste and are categorized into 8-10 broad categories such as White T-shirt, Colour T-shirt, White Woven, Colour Woven, Flannel, Sweatshirt, Denim, Terry Towel etc., Each garment is cut into 2/4 pieces depending on size and the labels/buttons etc. are also removed during production. Here again packing is normally in bales of different sizes though goods can also be carton packed if required.

Kishco is also a pioneer in the supply of regenerated wipers in exact sizes such as 37 x 37 cm, 45 x 45 cm etc., This is normally hard to do for most manufacturers in this business but Kishco has used its experience of garment manufacturing to good effect and is using the same cutting machines to cut the products into perfect sizes without any stitching or other foreign materials. These goods are normally packed in corrugated boxes with handles and can have buyer details/logos printed on them for direct supply to factories/sale in supermarkets in western countries.