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With Kishco’s keen emphasis on recycling in the last 20 years, the key products in its portfolio today are used clothing, textile recycling, used shoes and wipers for the cleaning industry.
These products cover the entire gamut of recycling of consumer textile wastes internationally and Kishco plays a very important role in each of these product categories.

Used Clothing

Used Clothing

This product signifies Kishco's international stature as most…

Textile Recycling

Textile Recycling

This is a key area for Kishco and was identified…



Since 2008 Kishco has been involved in the export of…

Wipers for Cleaning

Wipers for Cleaning

Kishco exports 2 types of wipers being from New materials…


Traditional areas of Kishco’s business have covered raw materials, yarns, new garments, home furnishings etc., though today these product categories contribute in a smaller way to Kishco’s turnover and profitability but they are a very important segment of Kishco’s business model.

Raw Materials

Kishco Imports raw materials into India in the form of either Natural Raw materials..


Kishco is involved in the export of all types of low/high value yarns which are..

Textile Fabrics

This is an important line of business for Kishco keeping in mind the increasing demand..

New Garments

Kishco has been long involved in the export of both woven and knitted garments…

Other Used Articles

Kishco Imports raw materials into India in the form of either Natural Raw materials…

Home Furnishings

Kishco realized many years ago that the textile business is very vast and a lot..

Industrial & Military Uniforms

In recent years Kishco has taken upon itself an added business responsibility of…

Other Textile Products

Kishco also handles other associated textile products such as Aprons, Gloves, Socks etc..


Kishco is a 4 generation old business house which is very well valued and recognized in the Indian industry since nearly 80 years.

Kishco is committed to providing all kinds of services in the field of textiles starting from procurement of raw material right up to handling of wastes for the recycling industry. Kishco specializes in the business of raw materials, yarns, fabrics, new garments, used clothing, recycling and other associated products such as blankets, carpets, towels, bed sheets, shoes, wiping (cleaning) materials etc.

Kishco is actively working with approximately 40 countries worldwide in 5 continents.  It is equipped with a very good and broad spectrum of suppliers/buyers all over the world for selling/buying all types of textile products.

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