This is an important line of business for Kishco keeping in mind the increasing demand for high quality fabrics in INDIA. Most fabrics coming into INDIA today are in the Medium/High end product range and the supply is mostly from other Asian countries and comprises of 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton polyester blends etc which can be in the form of shirting or suiting. These fabrics are sold to local wholesalers/distributors directly or to big brands for their domestic requirement. Import from the western world is restricted to primarily stock lot fabric which can be on a meter basis or on a kilo basis - the price of regular production fabric in the west is not normally workable for the indian market. These stock lot products can again be in the form of 100% cotton, linen, ramie, denims, mixed fabrics etc.,

INDIA is also a big manufacturer of basic fabrics, exports of which are duly facilitated by Kishco, with value additions on ladies wear products like Charmuse Satin, Georgettes, Cotton Jersey Spandex, 100% Cotton Voile fabric in RFD, Ethnic dress materials, 100% cotton Y/D shirting etc., The value addition can be in the form of printing, embroidery etc. as per the buyers requirement.

Other Products

Traditional areas of Kishco’s business have covered Raw materials, Yarns, New garments, Home Furnishing etc., though today these product categories contribute in a smaller way to Kishco’s turnover and profitability but they are a very important segment of Kishco’s business model.