Kishco is involved in the export of all types of low/high value yarns which are produced from various materials such as cotton, polyester, viscose etc. Low value yarns most common are cotton end yarn and ring spun yarn in coarse counts whereas in the higher range there are cotton yarns in the 40’s-60’s count range with various value additions such as gassing, mercerizing etc., Also there is a range of synthetic yarns being polyester, viscose etc. and blended yarns such as poly viscose, poly cotton etc. There is also a range of linen and jute yarns which are exported from INDIA.

There is another exciting category within yarns where Kishco is well experienced. This is the export of wool and acrylic yarns made from re-generated fibre (old materials). This yarn is very popular for the manufacturer of low range products in the blanket industry worldwide especially in East Africa and South-West Europe. On the import side Kishco brings in many fancy yarns which are not manufactured in INDIA.

There is demand in INDIA also for different stock lots of yarns from many parts of the world. The pricing depends on the quantity available and the reason for stock availability.

Other Products

Traditional areas of Kishco’s business have covered Raw materials, Yarns, New garments, Home Furnishing etc., though today these product categories contribute in a smaller way to Kishco’s turnover and profitability but they are a very important segment of Kishco’s business model.